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Moat Primary Academy

Family Inclusion and Support

Our family support team offer ongoing support and advice to the children who attend our school and their families. This might include meeting with pupils at home or in school and giving them one-to-one support to improve their behaviour, attitude to learning, or general wellbeing.

We support families in different ways:

  • We listen and appreciate parent issues and offer suggestions and advice for individuals and families.
  • We also sign post to other services available within the Gloucestershire area.
  • We support children on a 1:1 basis, listening and working with them in different ways such as:
    • Anger management and control
    • Key transitions, including moving between schools/classes
    • Development of pupil self-esteem and confidence
    • Friendship issues/bullying, including social networking
    • Family issues: bereavement, new baby in the family, parent’s separation/divorce. 

Below are links to external NHS sites for further support and guidance on some on the common issues. We hope these help.

Your Family/Learning Support Worker

Everyone in school is dedicated to supporting you and your child.
Our key appointed staff are:

Family Support Worker Mrs Ainsbury 01452 520502 Option 5 Email
SENDCo Mrs Clark 01452 520502 Option 2 Email

Other contacts

If you are unable to make contact with any of the specialist support staff then please contact the school office and they will ensure that a confidential message gets to them.

School Administratror Mrs Hampton-Whitehead 01452 520502 Option 5 Email

Support information and guidance

Children and bereavement

The following link could help if your child has lost or is about to lose someone, such as a family member or friend.


Helping your child with anger issues

Anger is a normal and useful emotion. It can tell children when things are not fair or right.

But anger can become a problem if a child's angry behaviour becomes out of control or aggressive.

Use the link below to find more advice and guidance on this issue.


Anxiety disorders in children

It's normal for children to feel worried or anxious from time to time – such as when they're starting school or nursery, or moving to a new area.

But for some children, anxiety affects their behaviour and thoughts every day, interfering with their school, home and social life.

This is when you may need professional help to tackle it.

Use the link below to find more advice and guidance.


Anxiety in children

Just like adults, children and young people feel worried and anxious at times.

But if your child's anxiety is starting to affect their wellbeing, they may need some help.

Use the link below to find more advice and guidance on this issue.


Depression in children and young people

Depression does not only affect adults. Children and young people can get depressed too.

It's important to get help early if you think your child may be depressed. The longer it goes on, the more likely it is to disrupt your child's life and turn into a long-term problem.

Use the link below to find more advice and guidance on this issue.


Talking to your child about feelings

The following link could help if you're worried about a child, encouraging them to talk can be very helpful, whether you're a parent, grandparent, friend or teacher.

If you think a child you know has a problem, it can be hard to know how to start talking to them about it.

When there are problems at home, such as parents fighting, divorce or a death in the family, children can become withdrawn and upset.

Being able to talk to someone other than a parent is sometimes very helpful for children. Grandparents, uncles, aunts, teachers or even a counsellor can all offer support.